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Refill wiper blades

<==     27" 1/2 to cut to desired length     ==>

New rubber parts to refill nearly all windscreen wipers!
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  new windscreen wiper blades
Balai Essuie Glace means Windscreen Wipers!
$10 for a pair

Free shipping worldwide
2x 27" 3/4 = 55" 1/2 to cut at required length
(2x 700 mm = 1400 mm)

th blade free!
Order 3 pairs and receive 3.5

and save a tank of fuel!

Prices stand for one pair of blades 2 x 700 mm // 2 x 27" 3/4 (up to 3 pairs)
by international airmail first class price in USD
EU + Swiss $10
Worldwide $10
Option Recommandé + $5 on demand

Beware : Europe stands for EU + Swiss only!
Choose quantity on secured checkout

Lames essuie-glace sous enveloppe prioritaire
letter kraft reinforced
Alternative payment by Credit Transfer

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deadline for a postage today
=> your blades will be sent

ATTENTION! Only mn left to order for a dispach today!

Want more than 3 pairs of blades?
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Credit Transfer - Blades for trucks - International français - français accueil français
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